Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Tea Party Day 7

Today's royal craft is once again decorations. I love decorations and I wanted to create romantic inspired creations to celebrate the event. Today I have gone for an all white theme and these would be perfect for any wedding.

Here's the first one, a hanging heart decoration featuring the couples initials. This could also be strung to have a whole line of these cute paper hearts.

Then i thought these would also make great table decorations. So I cut them out and attached them to battery operated tea lights. These are great as they wont set your paper creation on fire and look realistic too.

I then thought what about the bird paper cut I was left with from the hearts. I decided to use these as well. All I did was attach them to a vellum circle and use these as decorations too. They look perfect for a wedding table decoration.

Finally I decided to create some coasters with the swirly bird designs. These look really pretty and go well with the rest of the decorations.

Hope your all looking forward to the big day tomorrow, its getting really exciting here in the UK. So many people camping out in London for the big day. I'm looking forward to putting all these creations together with a few extra pieces like paper cake slices for my little tea party to celebrate. I have also got some real party food to go with the paper ones for my family to have tomorrow while we watch it all on TV, is anyone else celebrating? 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Tea Party Day 6

Today I decided to create a red white a blue origami floral centre piece for my tea party. These flowers take a while to produce as each petal is created separately then glued together. The good thing about this piece is you can hang it, have on the table as a centre piece or just create a few flowers to decorate your party.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Royal Tea Party Day 5

Today's royal inspired craft for the tea party is place settings and napkins. The paper napkins feature a gold crown with red, white and blue decoration. The place settings have a mini guardsman at the side and a mini crown above the area to write the guests name on.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Royal Tea Party Day 4

Today's royal craft is a mini favour box for guests containing hair slides or hair elastics for guests to wear at the party. The box has a little gold crown on and I've added red ribbon so it can be hung up too. The hair slides / elastics have felt flowers sewn on them and make a quick and easy gift. They all of course have the red, white and blue theme.

(Special thanks to my two best friends for modelling the hair elastics!)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Royal Tea party Day 3 Teacups

Today's tea party creation is some cute paper teacups and saucers. I had forgotten how much work goes in to these so they took a while to create. They are mini teacups measuring just under 2 inches in height and of course continue the red white and blue theme.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Royal Tea Party Day 2 Cupcakes

I love making paper cupcakes, they are so much fun and look great. Heres my royal inspired cupcakes with golden crowns on the wrappers and little red roses on the top. Ive kept the red white a blue theme on my cakes for the tea party and even made a little stand for some of them.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Royal Wedding tea party

Its a week to go to the big event here in the UK. Although we aren't having a street party where I live, I just couldn't resist making some paper crafts for the big day. So here's the plan. Everyday up until the big day I will be sharing with you a different part of the tea party I'm going to make. Today its the royal inspired banner. The banner has a union jack on it and I have added little crowns to it as well. It is cut on my Silhouette machine and the edges are slightly inked for definition. I have included a template at the bottom if you want to have a go at the banner yourself.